Industrial Applications for Spray Foam

The versatility of spray foam is not limited to walls and surfaces in homes and commercial buildings.  There are many formulations of foam which have been specifically developed for industrial uses that assure energy-efficiency and profitable operations.

Commercial buildings rely on spray foam as a building envelope solution.  Office buildings, manufacturing plants, retail stores, warehouses and storage facilities all have discovered that foam is the ideal medium for creating the tightest building envelope.  Municipal facilities and schools choose foam as  the budget-conscious answer to higher utility costs and shrinking budgets.  Foam insulation is the preferred insulation for metal buildings because of its ease and speed of application and efficiency.

In oil fields, foam is used to insulate water tanks to maintain optimal temperatures.  For cold storage facilities including refrigerated trucks, foam provides wall coverings that stand up to constant use while providing superior insulating value.  Even cryogenic facilities that need extreme cold storage to minus 60 degrees Fahrenheit use spray foam. 

The military has discovered the benefits of spray foam, too.  In harsh climates, spraying foam on the outside of tents has greatly increased the comfort of the troops that are quartered inside.

Spray Foam in Agriculture
Cost of Spray Foam Insulation