Optimal Wall Insulation

There are easy ways to insulate a wall and there are cheap ways to insulate a wall.  There is also the best way to insulate a wall which is spray foam insulation. It is both easy for a professional to install and cost efficient over time.

Foam insulation is the ideal solution for interior walls and exterior walls in homes and commercial buildings.  Its eco-friendly properties make it a responsible environmental choice and also the most efficient choice in terms of quick payback and lower energy bills.

Spray foam for interior walls is primarily used for sound attenuation.  If you want to create a home theater room, then having spray foam insulation will keep the noises from movies from impacting the rest of the rooms in the house.  Workshops where there is a lot of machinery noise are other places where you can use foam to isolate the sound to a particular room.  Playrooms and rec rooms are also places where foam will deliver a noise barrier between home spaces.

Another important use of spray foam is between a garage and the interior rooms of a home.  Foam completely seals any cracks and gaps between the garage and living areas which might allow dangerous off-gases to penetrate inside your home. 

On external walls, spray foam acts as a barrier against energy loss.  It is both an air barrier and thermal barrier keeping indoor spaces comfortable while eliminating cold spots and drafts.  It helps homes and buildings be more energy efficient as it seals up all air leakage and infiltration.  Additionally, it can seal up spots where rodents and insects gain entry to the building. 

Especially where road or airport traffic noise are problems, spray foam insulation can substantially reduce the noise levels inside a building or home. 

Where mold and mildew are an issue, spray foam mitigates airborne moisture that travels through walls and can cause these fungi to form, spoiling air quality.

For both interior walls and exterior walls, there is no better insulation than spray foam.  It will last as long as the building and provide a lifetime of energy savings for occupants.

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