Why We Train Our Spray Foam Installers

Let’s face it, it costs a bit more for spray foam insulation than the alternatives.  It is, however, far superior to other types of insulation such as traditional batt or “do it yourself” spray foam cans.  Professionally installed spray foam for you attic, basement, floors and walls will cut back on your utility bills and save you money.  And it lasts a long time – as long as the building stands and definitely as long as you own the building.

Our professional spray foam team arrives a the job site with large drums of polyurethane foam, each with unique ingredients.  The spray foam application equipment is industrial grade, not what you would find in your local hardware or home improvement store.  We tap into these drums with high powered pressure hoses that deliver a custom blend of spray foam product that is perfectly suited for your job.  Each job is different and a trained installer knows how to select the right formulation from the liquid raw material available.  Each has been scientifically engineered for a specific application.

Not only does a trained installer know the right proportion of materials to use on your job, he or she also knows how to properly apply foam to different areas and surfaces to achieve maximum insulation and eliminate waste.  Efficiency on the job site is also important.  An experienced instaler can save the customer money with proper spraying techniques that get the job done with minimal waste.  This is not the kind of work for “do-it-yourselfers” or poorly-trained installers.

A professional spray foam insulation contractor such as EcoInsulation knows that a successful application begins with technicians who know their product, who are trained in the selection of materials for the job and have experience with the proper application techniques.  We understand the importance of taking care of your job site and train for on-the-job safety  Our goal is to deliver maximum benefit to our customers and we are dedicated to the highest standards.

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