Rebates for Spray Foam Insulation

There are tax credits, rebates and other incentives available to building owners and home owners when they use spray foam insulation in new construction projects or in retrofitting existing structures.  Because spray foam insulation reduces energy consumption, government agencies have created significant incentives for property owners.  These incentives have contributed to the growing demand for spray foam nationwide.

Incentives exist on both the federal and state level.  Federal tax credits can be as high as $500 while all states have their own incentive programs to reward the use of energy-saving spray foam.

More information can be found on the internet at the Database of State incentives for Renewables & Efficiency (  Here, there is current information on all rebates and tax credits available to commercial and residential building owners.  When doing your research, it will be helpful to seek out tax credits that are “lifetime tax credits” – these are valuable as you qualify for them every year you occupy and energy efficient dwelling.

Your EcoInsulation estimator can also provide you with useful information on tax credits when they meet with you for an initial estimate on the cost of your spray insulation project. In addition to knowing our spray foam products inside and out, our estimators are also trained to be current on all tax legislation that can benefit our customers.

Between energy savings on our utility bills and tax incentives, an investment in spray foam insulation can be a wise decision that saves you money.  You also may be interested to know that our raw material includes recycled post-consumer water bottles, so you are also helping the environment by using foam instead of non-renewable insulation methods.

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