Metal Building Insulation with Spray Foam

Metal buildings have answered the call for more efficient commercial building construction methods with a quicker delivery time and lower costs than regular stick built or concrete block construction.  They also offer design flexibility along with efficiency.  Metal buildings, however, do have an issue with condensation and with temperature control, and that is where spray foam insulation comes in.

Building owners usually start with the roof when they are considering insulation for their metal building.  Most of the air leakage comes from the roof, more than 25%.  The most effective and efficient insulation for the underside of a metal building roof is spray foam, which not only ensures a complete thermal barrier, but also yields a moisture barrier against condensation.  On a metal building, condensation leads to rust, and rust leads to a weakened structure.  Moisture also can lead to mold formation on the inside of the building.

Another benefit of spray foam for metal buildings is that it adds strength to the roof and interior walls.   It also has a higher R-value per inch than other insulation options.  And, unlike other insulation types, it is a permanent solution. Foam will adhere completely to the metal surface unlike batt insulation.  Eventually, batt insulation will become unmarried to the substrate, exposing thermal voids in walls and roofs. This also permits convection currents which can also lead to condensation.

Spray foam insulation provides the most R-value per inch of thickness and it can be sprayed to any thickness depending on what is needed from two inches to twelve inches thick.  Depending on how thick the wall framing is, you can eliminate the roughly 33% of heat loss that comes from walls.

Metal buildings are also known for sound transfer and can be quite noisy.  Spray foam is a great sound reducer and can make the building more acoustically comfortable.  Because metal is a much better heat conductor than wood is, there is much more heat transfer between indoors and outdoors with a metal building.  Spray foam is the answer to getting the most enjoyment, use and comfort out of your metal building structure.


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