How To Select the Right Spray Foam Insulation Contractor

Spray foam insulation is a highly technical product and requires extensive training and experience to do the job right the first time.  For these reasons, it is not customarily the type of home improvement that handy homeowners and building owners can do proficiently and safely themselves.  Although it may look easy to suit up and start spraying foam on walls, it really is a bit more complicated than that.

The foam materials are contained inside large drums which are transported to a job site in a truck or van.  This is also where the equipment is located.  The materials are pumped through hoses that heat them as they flow through each hose on their way to the spray gun.  Mixing the chemicals in improper proportions or at the wrong heat can result in a botched spray foam installation and create problems going forward.  Spraying the foam materials incorrectly or leaving gaps and voids will also negate the reason for using foam in the first place.  It is a superior insulating product if it is installed correctly.

So how do you know what contractor to choose for your spray insulation project? 

Professional spray foam installers have extensive manufacturer training and certification in the proper use of their formulas.  You will want to find an experienced installer and company that knows spray foam and which formulation will do an optimal job of insulating the exact areas you want to address.  Not all foam formulas are the same and you want the best one.  A trained foam installer will know the exact formula you will need and know the proper way to dispense the foam.  Just any construction crew that does spray foam occasionally is not the crew you want to do your project.  Manufacturers of spray foam spend a great deal of time and resources on training installers to do the job right.  Since most have a lifetime guarantee, they want their installers properly trained so that claims are minimized.  So if you don’t have a certified crew do your spray foam installation, make sure your manufacturer’s warranty is still valid.

Other decision criteria you should use to select a contractor are checking references, time in business, and whether or not they have insurance.  Make sure that they know the reason a particular foam formulation was chosen for your job and can explain it to you so that it is easily understandable to you.  Reputable foam installers will be able to give you a free quote once they have visited your job site.

The spray foam contractor you choose should be in good standing with the manufacturer they work with so that they can receive the support and technical assistance they might need for any unusual job conditions that may occur.  If your contractor has the ongoing support of a manufacturer, it is a good indication that they are reputable and will be around for a while should any issues arise with your installation.



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