What Does Spray Foam Insulation Cost?

Spray foam insulation is priced by the board foot and the type of foam that is chosen.  Closed cell spray foam runs from $1 to $1.50 per board foot and is a more expensive open than open cell foam insulation.  Open cell spray foam costs between $.50 and $.75 per board foot.   The entire cost of a spray foam insulation project can be divided into costs for the three phases for a typical installation.

The first phase involves site preparation.  If the project is going to be a retrofit, then there may be old insulation to remove and repairs to building materials involved.  Blown-in insulation will need to be vacuumed up so that a secure bond can be established between the foam and the substrate whether it is a wall cavity or an attic floor.  Batt insulation will need to be rolled up and disposed of properly according to local disposal regulations for building materials.  Older homes may have asbestos present in previously insulated areas and that will require proper abatement.  If a licensed abatement crew is required for safety and local regulations, that is another cost that eventually will have to be borne by the homeowner.  New construction is another story as there is not much prep that needs to be done on newly constructed walls and attics that are fresh and very accessible.

The second part of the calculation of the cost of spray foam is the cost of the materials.  Your EcoInsulation contractor will recommend the correct formulations of spray foam for your project and it might be a closed cell formulation or open cell formula and each will have its own cost.  Since each manufacturer has its own pricing structure for its different formulations, that is why a range of costs is usually given for each of the two types of foam.

The third element that is factored into the cost of foam insulation is the labor involved.  A spray foam crew can completely foam a building in less time than you might think.  The best trained crews know the most efficient and effective spray techniques and employ those methods to your project to make sure they finish in the least amount of time possible.

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