Where to Use Spray Foam Insulation?

One of the many benefits of spray foam insulation is that it can be used in places where fiberglass batt or blown in insulation cannot go.  Little nooks and crannies in attics, curved architectural surfaces in commercial buildings, inside cargo vans and semi trailers, and a host of other hard-to-reach locations are where foam excels.  Even in metal buildings, foam is the preferred insulation option because it sticks to any substrate, including steel, and provides a complete bond that other insulation options just can’t.

For homeowners, the many benefits of spray foam, including greater energy savings and lower bills, also include the fact that foam insulation will make a home much more livable and comfortable.  It helps to keep out pollutants and allergens as well as dust that creep through holes in building materials.  Open cell spray foam is the perfect insulation choice for soundproofing media rooms.  If the home is located in the path of landing aircraft, insulating the walls and attic with spray foam will lessen the impact of jet noise on the living areas inside the home. 

Basements and crawl spaces can also benefit from spray foam insulation.  Since foam insulation is a three-in-one product and contains a moisture vapor barrier in its formulation, it is the optimal choice for these underground locations.  It will keep basements dry, prevent condensation, and keep dampness from seeping into the rest of the home which might create problems with mold and mildew.

Concrete blocks are another place where spray foam insulation yields superior insulating performance.  Foam applied to the openings in concrete blocks provide a substantial thermal barrier to the blocks which without it, are good thermal conductors. Concrete blocks without spray foam heat up too much in hot weather and transmit cold temperatures inside the home in cold weather.

One of the best places to use spray foam is in an attic.  Whether you choose an unvented attic or a vented attic, the savings in energy costs of having foam is substantial month after month.  Statistics show that more than 30% of the energy in a home is wasted because of inferior attic insulation.


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