How Long Does Insulation Last in the Attic?

Attic insulation is a key energy-saver for any home, keeping heat outside of your home in the summer and inside of your home in the winter.  Most kinds of insulation (rolled or batts, blown-in, or spray foam) will last a very long time, up to 100 years in many cases!  But like many things, insulation can lose it’s effectiveness over time and might need to be replaced.  This is particularly true of older homes.  How long a particular type of insulation will remain effective can depend on factors such as:  type of insulation used, how well it was originally installed, damage from water & mold, damage from rodents & insects, damage to vapor barriers and settling over time.  

If you notice that your energy bills are higher than normal or if you feel drafts, it may be a good idea to inspect your existing attic insulation to see if it needs to be replaced.  For those of you who live in northern climates, if snow seems to melt from your roof more quickly than on your neighbor’s homes, it may be a sign that your attic is not insulated properly, allowing heat to move from your home thru your attic and to the surface of your roof.  For those of you living in warmer climates, if your air condition seems to be running on “over time”, it may be a sign that your attic insulation is not doing its job properly. With an inspection from a professional, you may decide that newly-installed insulation can be a cost-effective way to enjoy your home in comfort with improved energy efficiency.  So while attic insulation itself lasts a long time, it is important to check your insulation each year to make sure that it is providing you with it’s original energy-saving properties.  It may be time for replacement work!
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