SPRAY FOAM INSULATION for Bloomington, Illinois

Are you searching for energy-saving and money-saving spray foam insulation for your home, apartment or commercial premises ? We are a local Bloomington area provider and spray foam installer. You get a local company that is small enough to know you, the weather conditions in Bloomington, Illinois and which foam formulations work best here. You also get an installer that is connected with a premier national producer of premium spray foam so that you acquire the right insulation product for your particular application.

There are lots of types and formulations of spray foam. Selecting the most suited product for your project is the first step to taking full advantage of comfort and cost savings so that you can realize as much as a 50% monthly energy savings.


Unlike conventional insulation materials, spray foam actually seals up all the little cracks and openings in building materials so that conditioned air can’t escape and unconditioned air can’t enter.  It is a permanent solution that lasts throughout the lifetime of the building.

Foam is an investment that not only improves building value, but also

– Boosts air quality by keeping external toxins, plant pollen and airborne particles from entering.

– Produces an effective sound barrier.

– Lessens the wear and tear on HVAC units because they don’t have to work as much to deliver the same comfort level.

– Effectively eliminates access points used by pests and rodents.

– Greatly reduces heat transfer regardless of air flow direction.

– Lessens the penetration of humidity, mold and mildew from crawl spaces and downstairs rooms.

– Has the fastest payback compared with other insulation alternative.

– Yields the most efficient R-value and lasts as long as the premises lasts.

– Augments the inherent strength of a structure.

– Is made from recycled materials and soy which are renewable resources.


In a residential property, spray foam is mostly used in attic rooms, facades, crawl spaces, underground rooms, under staircases and as a sound barrier between rooms.

Commercial metal buildings are typically a challenge to insulate with traditional products. Spray foam can be administered beneath the ceiling and on panels to effect a constant thermal bond. Spray foam is also used inside delivery trucks where temperature control is desired. The industrial uses for spray foam are quite varied and there is a specified foam formulation specifically made for for oil fields, agricultural properties, retail stores and clinics, and for municipal ventures.

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Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

  • Stops air infiltration completely
  • Improves indoor air quality and keeps out dust, pollen and other pollutants
  • Will not sag, shift or compress over time like other insulation options
  • Reduces strain, wear and maintenance on HVAC equipment
  • Significant noise reduction
  • Lowers energy bills from 30-50% per month
  • Supports building structure with added strength



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