SPRAY FOAM PROTECTION for Champaign, Illinois

Looking for energy-efficient and economical spray foam insulation for your home or office building ? We are a local Champaign distributor and spray foam installer supported by the knowledge base, product expertise and aid of a national company. You get a local contractor that is small enough to know you, the weather conditions in Champaign, Illinois and which materials work most effectively here. You also get an installer that is connected with a premier national producer of premium spray foam formulations so that you gain the most suitable insulation product for your particular application.

There are a number of types and methods of spray foam. Choosing the most fitting product for your activity is the first step to optimizing savings and reducing costs which can approach 50% in some months.


When compared with classic insulation products such as cellulose or fiberglass, spray foam insulation also removes all air infiltration. Tiny crevices and holes in building fabrics let conditioned (either heated up or cooled down) air to escape and outdoor air to get inside.

Foam is an investment that not only increases building value, but also

– Increases air quality by keeping outside contaminants, pollen and particulates from sneaking in.

– Creates an effective sound barrier between spaces and from the outside.

– Minimizes wear and tear on the HVAC system while still delivering a superior comfort level.

– Seals out entryways used by pests and rodents.

– Resists heat transfer no matter the air flow direction.

– Lessens the penetration of dampness, mold and mildew from crawl spaces and downstairs rooms.

– Has the most effective repayment of any insulation product.

– Yields a dependable R-value and lasts as long as the construction lasts.

– Builds up structural sturdiness.

– Is developed from recycled items and soy which are renewable resources.


In a residential property, spray foam is used much of the time in attic rooms, wall structures, crawl spaces, downstairs rooms, under stairs and also acts a sound barrier between indoors and outdoors.

Metal and steel buildings are typically hard to wrap with traditional building insulation materials. Spray foam can be used below the rooftop and on surfaces to yield ongoing thermal bond. Another use for spray foam is inside of delivery trucks where temperature regulation is important. The industrial uses for spray foam are quite a few and there is a specific foam formulation developed and manufactured for oil fields, agricultural establishments, institutions and hospitals, and for municipal and governmental projects.

Contact us to arrange for your free spray foam estimate or with specific questions how spray foam can best be used on your project.



Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

  • Stops air infiltration completely
  • Improves indoor air quality and keeps out dust, pollen and other pollutants
  • Will not sag, shift or compress over time like other insulation options
  • Reduces strain, wear and maintenance on HVAC equipment
  • Significant noise reduction
  • Lowers energy bills from 30-50% per month
  • Supports building structure with added strength



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